Photo of the Toth brothers

Palean is the continuation of a family heritage based on decades of research.

In 2014, we, the three brothers (Bálint, Levente, and András), decided to further develop and use the invaluable knowledge of peat mud from the Hévíz area, which we have acquired as a result of our grandfather's decades of research.

As a result of many years of persistent work, we have managed to find a quality formula that will help us to pass on this family treasure worthily.

Our goal is to continue our grandfather's life's work and make the natural ancient power and beneficial effects of peat medicinal mud from Hévíz available to a wide range of users.

Tóth Brothers



Our grandfather Dr. András Tóth had a special connection to nature. He devoted his entire life to environmental protection, the protection of agricultural lands, and the preservation of bogs and peatlands. Bogs are real goldmines of nature: the decomposing plants are the essence of new life: minerals, humic, and fulvic substances of plant origin. The Hévíz lake and the surrounding peat provide the famous Hévíz peat mud, which has been used for healing for centuries.



The mining of medicinal peat mud from the lake became unsustainable at the end of the 1990s when the burnt-down lake bath made it impossible to extract the mud from the lake, so a new way had to be found to produce it with the same effect without endangering the lake. With the participation of our grandfather, the University of Agricultural Sciences in Keszthely patented a process that provided the basis for the production of medicinal peat mud that is still used today.




Since 1986, the medicinal peat mud of Hévíz is not mined from the lake, but the Tóth-Aradvári family produces the so-called "Hévíz mud" from the peat extracted from the peat mine of Alsópáhok, based on our grandfather's patent. It is the only organic medicinal mud - besides the Szent András Hospital's own mud - (with a higher content of humic acid and organic sulphur than other inorganic medicinal muds due to its high content of humic acid and organic sulphur) among medicinal muds registered in Hungary.



For 25 years, the medicinal mud was sold exclusively as a raw material to hospitals, wellness hotels, and spa hotels in Hungary and in many other countries of the world, but it became clear to the family that there is much more to the medicinal mud than that.